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The Tracker feature is highly customizable with many types of input so that you can use it to track almost anything you like.

Adding a Tracking Record is easy and quick. There's no need to fill in all the tracking fields. Added records will show up in the Timeline and you can visualize the data with powerful charts.

Setup a Tracker

To create a new tracker: on the main screen switch to the Timeline tab -> select the Tracker section on the top of the screen -> tap Add New Tracker -> tap Create New to create a new blank tracker or tap one of the templates to create a new tracker from a template -> the Edit Tracker screen will appear.

You can set the title, color, description, and organizers for the tracker.

A tracker can have multiple Sections. For example, in your health tracker, you might have a section for physical health and another section for mental health.

Each section can have a set of Input Fields which can be one of the supported types:
- Text: a simple text input field
- Selection: select one item from a list of items. For example, you can track your sleep quality by choosing from one of the 4 predefined items: Terrible, Bad, Good, and Amazing.
- Quantity: enter a quantity of a unit of your choice. There are many units to choose from and custom units are supported also.
- Checklist: select one or multiple items from a list of items. For example, you can track your health with a list of symptoms: Headache, Tired, Stomachache,...
- Checkbox: a simple checkbox. For example, you might want to track on which date and time you did a workout.
- Media: a tracking field where you can add photos or videos as input.

On each Section, set the title or leave it blank -> tap Add Input Field -> choose the type of input field to add -> setup the input field.

On the setup input field screen, you can set the title, default value, and organizers. The organizers listed here will be automatically added to your tracking record if this input field is present.

Tap Save to save the tracker.

Add a Tracking Record

To add a tracking record: on the main screen tap the Create button -> switch to Record tab -> select the organizers for the new tracking record if needed -> scroll to the bottom and tap the "+" button on the desired tracker -> the Edit Tracking Record screen will appear.

On the edit tracking record screen you can see the list of input fields, grouped into sections. There is no need to fill in all the input fields. Tap the input field that you want to fill in to activate it, and then set the value.

Tap the History button to view past values of this input field and possibly copy the value into this record.

You can also update the configurations of an input field on the go. Just tap the gear button next to the field title.

You can also add comment for each input field.

For a checklist input field, it’s possible to add intensity for each option. The intensity can be none or from 1 to 5.

After filling in all the desired input fields, you can modify the date and time, add photos, leave a note, or edit the organizers.

Tap save to save the tracking record.

Add a Reminder

To add a reminder for a tracker: on the main screen open the left panel -> tap Trackers -> tap a tracker to open -> tap the menu button -> tap Reminder Schedulers -> tap the "+" button to create a new reminder.

On the Reminder Scheduler screen you can customize the time of day and how you would like it to repeat.

Tap Done to save the reminder scheduler.

It's possible to have multiple reminder schedulers for a tracker.

Connect with a Habit

Connect a tracker with a habit can be beneficial. For example, you have a habit of working out every day. You can connect the habit with your health tracker so you can track your health state after each working out.

To connect with a habit: on the main screen open the left panel -> tap Habits -> open the habit you want to connect -> scroll to the bottom of the habit screen -> tap Connect with Tracker in the Connected Tracker section -> select the tracker.

From now on, whenever you mark a habit slot as done, the app will prompt you to add a new record for the connected tracker.

Visualize the Data

To visualize your tracker data: on the Tracker screen switch to the Statistics tab.

In the Range section you can choose the range of the data. The default range is the last 30 days. Tap the previous or next button to switch between ranges.

The default Calendar Chart

At the top is a calendar view where you can see the dates on which there are tracking records. Tap a calendar cell to view the data of that day.

Tap the Filter button to only display data for set of certain fields.

While a Filter is applied, tap the View on Table button to view the data in table format. Here you can sort the rows by dates, or by a certain column. Long press a row to view its data on the timeline. To reorder the columns, tap the menu button, tap reorder columns.


Under the calendar view is the Summaries section where you can quickly view the stats of a certain field within the selected range.

To add a summary: tap the Add Summary button -> select the summary type and pick the input field -> tap Done to save.


There are 4 types of chart: line chart, bar chart, pie chart, and calendar chart.

To add a chart tap the Add Chart button -> select the chart type -> set the title -> set up the chart series -> tap Add to save and now you can view the chart.

You can toggle the chart series (not available for pie charts). Tap spots on the chart to view corresponding data. Tap the Table button (not available for pie charts) to view the chart in table format.