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Use organizers to keep your journaling data well-organized, and to easily provide context for your journaling items.

There are 6 ways to organize: journeys, activities, categories, tags, people, and places. Journeys are stories that have a beginning and end.

A journey can be a trip, a goal, or a project. Activities are things that you often do in your daily life (reading, watching movies, working out, shopping, podcasting, etc). Categories are areas of your life (career, love, family, health, finance, etc). Use tags, people, and places to group journaling items of related topics, persons, or places.


Every organizers (except categories) can have other organizers as their parents. When you organize for example an entry with an organizer, the parent organizers will also be added to the entry.

For example, you have a journey called Loosing Weight which belong to category Health, and has tag weight. Whenever you organize an entry with Loosing Weight, the entry will also be organized with Health and Weight. But not every entries of Loosing Weight have to be organized with Health and Weight. You are free to remove them from the list of organizers of a specific entry.

Hierarchy is multi levels. Continue with the example above, if the tag Weight itself has tag Appearances as parent then, in addition to adding Health and Weight, Appearances will also be added to the organizers list of the entry.


You can organize almost everything in Journal it!. Look for the organize button when editing an entry, note, habit, tracker, tracking record,...

You can also quickly organize items on the timeline by long pressing the item -> Organize.

To organize multiple items at once on the timeline, long press an item -> Select -> select the items you want to organize -> tap the menu button on the top of the screen -> tap Add organizers or Remove organizer -> select the organizer(s) to add/remove.

To update organizers to all items of an organizer: open the organizer screen -> switch to Timeline tab -> tap the menu button -> tap Select all -> tap the menu button again -> tap Add organizers, Remove organizer, or Move to another organizer.

Archiving a Journey or Activity

After finishing a journey or if an activity is no longer relevant, you can archive them so they will become less prominent in the app.

To archive a journey or activity, on the main screen -> switch to Organizers tab -> find the item you want to archive -> long press the item -> Archive.

To find the archived journey/activity, on the main screen -> switch to Organizers tab -> scroll down to the bottom of the Journey/Activity section -> tap the Show archives button