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Each of your journal item (entry, note, habit, or todo,...) can be organized in 6 ways: journey, activity, tag, category, person, and place.

It's possible and encouraged to use multiple organizing method for each item.

What're journeys?

Journeys are like stories, they have beginning and end. Use journeys for a project you’re working on, a trip, or a goal.

Some good examples: First year at college, The Piano class, Trip to Hawaii, Learn how to swim,...

What're activities?

Activities are things that you do regularly. You can use activities to record the books you read, the movies you watched, your daily thoughts, or your gratitude journal.

Some good examples: Reading book, Watching movies, Workout, Gratitude journal, Summarize my week,...

Tags, categories, people

Use tags so the item is easier to find later. You can create as many tags as you want and change the titles later if you want.

Use categories to group items to different aspects of your life (Career, Friends, Family, Love,...). You should only have a few categories. 

Setting a category for every entry is probably too much. We recommend adding a category to each journey to organize them.

People are like tags but for… people. You can add people to a journey as well.

Add journeys, activities, tags,... to a journal item

While editing an entry/note/to-do/habit/… you can see at the bottom a buttons bar where you can add organizing options.

For example, tapping the tag button will show the Add Tags dialog.

To add a tag (same for a journey, activity,..):
    1. Search or type a new item in the search field
    2. Select the item from the result or tap “Create and add” button to make a new tag. Alternatively, you can use the “+” button to create a new tag.
    3. To remove an added tag, tap it in the top horizontal list
    4. Tap the ✔ button to finish


A place is automatically added to a new entry base on your current location. 

Clear or set place manually
While editing an entry, tap the Add Place button -> tap the “Clear” button to clear or the map button to pick a place to add.

Add place based on photos
The app also suggests places based on location information photos after added to the entry.

Customize place
As with other categorizing options, you can always change the place to the title that you want. To do this, open Place screen -> tap the menu button on the top right corner -> Edit.

You can also star the place so the app will consider it as has a higher priority when setting place based on location.

Disable adding place automatically
If you don’t want the app to automatically pick and set places for your entries, you can disable it in Settings -> disable the “Auto add location” option.

View items belong to an organizing option

You can see all the entries/notes/to-dos/photos/… that belong to an organizing option in one place.

Open and see all the contents of an organizing option from:
    - Journeys tab and Activities tab in the main screen
    - The bottom of an entry screen, note screen,...
    - Search
    - Main screen -> left panel

Mark an organizing item as favorite

When an item is marked as favorite, you can get quick access to it from the main screen -> left panel.

Archive a journey/activity

Archive a journey when it’s finished. Archive an activity when you’re no longer doing it.

Once archived, the item is no longer visible in the Journeys or Activities tab.

You still can access to archived journeys/activities from search or from the main screen -> left panel -> Journeys/Activities -> Show All