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Use the Habit feature to build new habits or as reminders for your existing habits.

Create a new habit

To create a new habit, navigate to the home tab -> switch to the habit section -> tap the New Habit button.

In the Schedule section you can choose between 4 types of schedules:
 - Every number of days
  - Days of week (e.g. Monday to Friday)
  - Number of days per period (e.g. workout 3 times a week)
  - At least after number of days from the last day (e.g. workout at least 3 days after the last workout)

Tap the button on the Date Start section to modify the starting date.

In the Goal section, you can set it to Number of successes or by End Date, or leave it empty.

Each habit can have multiple slots for a day (e.g. you want to do workout twice a day, one in the morning at 7 am and one in the afternoon at 5pm). You can have up to 10 slots. You can set a reminder time for each slot so the app will notify you and you can check off the slot right from notifications.

In the Connected Tracker section, you can connect the habit with a tracker. With a connected tracker, whenever you mark a habit slot as done, the app will prompt you to add a new record for the tracker.

Lastly, you can set the habit’s color, description, and organizers.

Tap save to finish.

Working with a habit

You can see the list of habits scheduled for today in the Home tab on the Main screen.

Tap one of the slots of a habit to mark it as Done or Dismissed. If the habit is connected with a tracker, the app will prompt you to add a new tracking record.

In the Habit screen, you can view past records, add comments, check the progress, pause, or update the information for the habit.

To mark a habit as done: in the Habit screen navigate to the State section -> set the state as Done.

To pause a habit: in the Habit screen navigate to the Schedule section -> tap the button on the Paused subsection -> choose the pause range.

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