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Help you plan things ahead of time and keep it recorded once done.

Create a new to-do

Where to start
Look for a floating “+” button from:
    - Main screen’s Planning tab
    - Planning tab of an organizing item
    - Calendar: just select the date then tap the “+” buttonFrom home screen widgets: check out the Widgets section for more information
    - From Android's share menu -> Make To-do

On day
You can pick a date or a week/month if you’re not sure and want to update later.

You can also leave it empty if the date is not important.

Hide from main screen
The to-do must contain at least one organizing option (see the organizing section bellow).

When checked, the to-do will be hidden from the main screen and you can only see it in the context of the organizing options (eg: in a journey screen, journey widget)

See “Organizing” section in the user guide for more detail.

To-do record

The to-do items you see in Timeline or Planning are to-do’s record, not the to-do itself.

Each to-do can have one record (one time to-do), or multiple records (repeatable to-do).

View upcoming to-dos

You can view from Planning tab, Calendar, To-dos widgets, or Planning widget.

Each morning, the app will send a notification that list the to-dos you have for today around 6AM.


You can reschedule a to-do record even after it’s checked/missed.

From Timeline, Planning tab or in a to-do screen, long press a record -> Reschedule.

Stop a repeatable to-do

In a to-do screen -> tap the menu button on the top right corner -> Mark as finished