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Use templates to create pre-filled entries. Helpful when you have a specific form for a type of entries that you often write.

Note: there’s no default, ready to use templates when you start the app. You’ll need to create your own template.

Create a new template

From the main screen -> open the left panel -> Templates -> tap the “+” button.

Fill in the title of the template, pre-filled entry title, and pre-filled entry text.

Set organizing options from the bottom buttons bar. Entries that created with this template will be applied the organizing options (See “Organizing” section in the user guide for more detail).

Access your templates

From the main screen -> open the left panel -> Templates -> tap on the template from the list.

From here you can create new entry, view existing entries with the template, edit template.

Start an entry with a template

From the template screen: just tap the “+” button

Apply to an editing entry: tap the menu button on the top right corner -> Apply Template

From the Home tab of main screen: Select photos and/or mood -> swipe to reveal all the actions -> tap With Template -> select the template to start.

From Journeys/Activities tab of main screen: tap the “+” button on a journey/activity card -> if there are any template that was tagged with the journey/activity then it will list the templates at the bottom of the list.