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While entries are great for capturing your thought, notes will be useful for quickly capture your ideas, lists, save important information for planning.

Notes are more easily to access, edit, and update. You can quickly access notes from Planning tab, pin to the top, view and edit from widgets, and archive when done.

There are 2 types of notes: List note and text note.

Create a new note

From Planning tab, tap the “+” button -> Text Note/List Note

You can add photos, set organizing options, and style text the same way you do with an entry.

Set note’s color from the set color button on the top right corner.

Manage list note

Each note item can be in one of 3 states: on due, dismissed, or done. Tap or long press an item to switch between states.

On due items can be snoozed to a future date.

You can reorder items in edit mode or by long pressing one of the items while in view mode.

View and update notes

You can view and update notes from the Planning tab of the main screen, Planning tab of a organizing option, widgets, timeline, or All Notes screen.

A note can be hidden from the Planning tab of the main screen by long pressing it -> Hide from main screen. You can still access it from other screens or search. To make it visible in the main screen again, just long press it -> Show in main screen.

You can archive a note when it’s done. Once archived, it will be hidden from all places except in All Notes and Search. Long press a note in a list to archive/unarchieve it.

To open All Notes from the left panel if the main screen or by tapping “Notes” title in a Planning tab.

View and edit notes from widget

Use widgets to view and edit notes on the go right from your device’s home screen without having to open the app. See Widgets section for more detail.