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Mood tracker

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Describe your overall mood using one of 5 levels: Wonderful, Good, Neutral, Bad, and Terrible. In addition, you can give more detail with custom feelings.

Existing feelings are editable, and you can create as much as you want.

Mood and feels can be added to entries, notes, to-do’s records, comments.

Add mood and feels

Start adding mood:
     - While editing an entry: tap the mood button on the top right corner
     - From timeline: long press and entry/note/to-do’s record/comment -> select Set Mood

Tap to select one of 5 mood levels and then select the feeling from the bottom list. You can also use search to find the feeling that you want to add

The selected feelings will appear on the list just above the search bar. You can tap on one of the feelings here to remove it.

To create a custom feelings:  tap the “+” button -> type in your custom feeling (started with an emoji is recommended) -> tap Ok.

To edit/delete an existing feeling: long press it from the bottom list -> Edit/Delete

Review your moods

You can use search to find all the entries with the same feeling. Please check Search section for detail

You can also see how your mood change over time from Statistics screen. Please check Statistics section for detail