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Main screen

Scroll down to start

There are 5 tabs. Within each tab, you can tap the “+” button to create different types of content, depending on which tab is currently in focus.

Timeline Tab
There are 3 sections: 
- Recent Photos: tap photos to pick and then start a new entry/note from anywhere and the photos will be included in the newly created entry/note.
- Write later: you can quickly capture your journaling idea to... write later.
- Timeline: a place for all your journaling content including entries, notes, tasks, habits, comments,...

Long press a timeline item to customize color, organize, comment, delete,... 

Long press a timeline item -> Select to start selecting multiple items for batch operations (organize, delete).

Tap the “+” button to create a new entry, note, write-later, or quick-entry

My Day Tab
Place where you can plan your days.
 - Calendar: an overview of your week. Expand to switch to 2-week mode. Tap a day to switch to that day, tap another time to add content to that day.
- Tasks: your overdue and ongoing tasks will be listed here.
- Habits: list the habits that are scheduled for the day.
- Timeline: your journaling content of the day
- Backlog: the place for tasks that you plan to do but not sure when yet. Long press a task and set a schedule when you finally have the decision.

Journeys and Activities Tab
All your non-archived journeys/activities are listed here. Favorite items are on the top. You can reorder the list by long-pressing an item -> Reorder.

Tap the “+” button on each item to create new journal content for the journey/activity. If the journey/activity has templates then they will also show up.

Gallery Tab
The place to quickly access your notes, habits, and templates.
- Notes: show your recent notes. Other than listing all recent notes, you can tap the “+” button to set up quick access for notes of an organizing option (journey/category/tag/...).
- Habits: list your recently created habits.
- Templates: list your recently created entry templates.

Top Action Bar
Tap the hamburger button to open the Left Panel which includes access Settings, Dark Theme switch, support, and shortcuts for many features.

Tap the sync icon to check the sync status of your data or start to sync manually. If you see the icon turns yellow or red then that means there’s a problem with sync, tap the icon to see detail.

Tap the calendar icon to access the full calendar.