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Use entries to record your thought and moments in life.

Start a new entry

There are a lot of ways to start a new entry:
    1. From Home tab: tap the “+” button -> Entry

    2. From Home tab: look for the latest photos section at the top -> tap to select photos -> tap “New Entry” button

    3. From Journeys/Activities tab: tab the “+” button on a journey/activity card -> Entry

    4. From Planning widget: tap the “+” button -> Entry

    5. From an entries list: long press an entry -> Continue from this. With this option, the app will create a new entry with the same organizing options (journeys, tags,...) as the selected entry.

    6. From Android’s share panel: share text or picture from anywhere on your device -> New Entry

    7. From main screen’s left panel: tap an organizing group (Journeys, Tags,...) -> you’ll see a list of favorite organizing options if there are -> tap the “+” button

Start a new entry with photos

When opening the app, you’ll see a list of photos that recently taken from your device. Tap the photos to select. Then you can start a new entry by any way mentioned in the “Start a new entry” section and the photos will be included in the new entry.

Add photos

While editing an entry, tap the add photos button to show the Add Photos dialog.

From here, you can add photos by one of 3 ways:
    - From on device’s latest photos: tap the photos you want to add in the “Recent” tab -> tap the ✔ button to add.
    - From any photos gallery: tap the gallery button -> select the gallery app from the popup -> pick photos from the gallery
    - Take a new photo: tap the camera button -> start taking a new photo

The app then will upload photos to the loud right away if allowed. If so, you’ll see a notification that indicates the uploading progress.

If the app can’t upload the photos right away (offline mode, on mobile network), then the photos will be scheduled to be uploaded later. 

You can check if all photos are uploaded by tapping the sync button on the top right corner of the main screen.

Add photos between text

Select position to add: While editing an entry, position the cursor to the place you want to add photos.

Add photos: tap the next button on the bottom buttons bar to switch to markdowns menu -> tap the add photos button -> select or take new photos to add as normal.

To add more photos into existing middle photos, just long press a photo -> Add

Reorder and delete photos

Method 1 (only for top photos):
Tap the add photos button -> switch to “Added” tab -> tap a photo to delete or long press to reorder 

Method 2:
Long press the photo -> Add -> switch to “Added” tab -> tap a photo to delete or long press to reorder 

Method 3 (delete):
Long press the photo -> Delete -> confirm deletion

Style text

You can make text bold, italic, appear as quotes, bulleted lists, strikethrough from the markdowns menu.

Access markdowns menu: while editing an entry, tap the next button on the bottom buttons bar

Apply styles: simply select the text then tap one of the markdowns buttons.

Notice that the effect only appears after hitting the save button.

Organize entries

Add organizing options from the bottom buttons bar.
The buttons bar includes options to add journeys, activities, tags, categories, and people.

See “Organizing” section in the user guide for more detail.


You can add comments to an existing entry. The comments will be shown on the timeline and in the entry screen.

From timeline: long press the entry -> Comment.

From entry screen: tap the menu button -> Add comment.