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Your text data is stored on a secure database provided by Google and only the developer is allowed to access that data. But since the data is stored as plain text so anyone has that data have no problem reading it (we as the developer, hackers, or in case you don’t trust Google).

The solution is end-to-end encryption. End-to-end encryption utilizes a private encryption key to encrypt all entries before they reach Journal it! servers. With that, no one can read your data on the servers, even us.

How does it work?

The app will generate a random encryption key. The key then will be encrypted with an encryption passphrase of your choice.
Only the encrypted-encryption-key will be stored in the server. You keep the passphrase. 

On the first sync, the app will ask for the passphrase to decrypt the encrypted-encryption-key then store it on your device for later use.

The app will encrypt data using the encryption key stored on your device before sending to the servers.

The app store decrypted data and encryption key on your device so your data is as safe as your device.

What will be encrypted?

Title and text of your entries and notes, the title of your tags, journeys, activities, people, places, categories, habits, to-dos.

Note that we don't store your photos on our servers. Photos are stored in your private Google Drive's App Folder without encryption.

What if I forgot my encryption passphrase?

Only you keep the passphrase. Without it, you can't decrypt and sync data on a new device.

But you can always create a new one or disable and reverse encryption completely without remembering the passphrase from your current device.

We can't help if you forget your passphrase and don't have access to a logged in device to change it.

Reverse and disable encryption

You can always reverse and disable encryption from a device that was properly set up for encryption.

You can’t, for example, reverse the encryption on a new device without knowing the passphrase.

Steps to enable end-to-end encryption:

1. Make sure you understand the feature and its risk

2. Open Journal it! -> open the left panel -> Settings -> Account Settings -> Encryption

3. Scroll down to the Setup section -> tap “Encryption Passphrase” to set up your passphrase

4. Tap “Enable” to enable encryption

5. Tap “ENCRYPT ALL” and wait for the process to finish

6. You should see “100% encrypted” above the “ENCRYPT ALL” button.

How to disable end-to-end encryption?

In the “Encryption” screen, you can disable encryption by switch off the “Enable” switch. Your old data is still encrypted but new data will not be encrypted.

How to reverse end-to-end encryption?

In the “Encryption” screen, tap “REVERSE AND DISABLE” button -> confirm -> wait for the process to finish. Your old data is not encrypted anymore as well as your new data.