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Data and sync

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Journal it! is the fastest and easiest journaling app in term of sync/backup. The app sync data in realtime, automatically to make your data safe and accessible from multiple devices.

How the app store your data

Text data is stored using a realtime database service provided by Google (Firebase Realtime Database). The database is configured with strict rule so a logged in account can only access its data and only its data.

The default configuration is safe enough but if you want to have total control over your data and can manage the risk then check out the Encryption section to learn more.

Photos are stored in a hidden folder on your Google Drive account. The folder is hidden so that it can only be accessed using Journal it! (with your account logged in) and prevent from accidentally modify the data.

To see the hidden folder (can’t view its contents): from Google Drive website -> Settings -> Manage Apps -> you should see the Journal it! folder listed here. 

Check if your data are synced

First, make sure you already logged in with a Google account. We can’t guarantee to keep your data if you’re still using the app anonymously.

Upon launching the app, you can see the sync button on the top right corner.

If the button is spinning, it means the app is syncing your data.

If the button is not spinning, it can be in one of 3 states:
     - With a yellow badge: some photos is still waiting for wifi to sync
     - With a red badge: there’s problem with sync or no internet connection
     - No badge: all your data is synced properly

To check sync status in detail, from the main screen tap the sync button on the top right corner.

Use the app on multiple devices

Currently, Journal it! supports Android, MacOS, and Windows 10 (64 bit) so you can use the app on multiple devices with a same account.

On how to get the desktop version, please check out in the Desktop app section.

Export to PDF

You can export your entries to a PDF file which can be read from any PDF reader software.

Export a single entry
In an entry screen, tap the menu button on the top right corner -> Export PDF.

Export entries from a organizing option
In a journey/activity/tag screen, tap the menu button on the top right corner -> Export PDF

Export all entries 
In Settings, scroll down to Data section -> Export PDF -> choose the day range or all entries to export.

Note: currently, you can only export entries. Other journaling data (notes, to-dos,...) will be supported in a future update.

Export journal data to local storage

Use this feature if you want to manage data yourself, or to migrate to another account.

The exported file can be imported later into the app with the same or different account.

To export: from Settings -> scroll down to Data section -> Export -> wait until it’s done -> now you can see the exported file from your local storage/Downloads as a zip file

To import: from Settings -> scroll down to Data section -> Import -> select the zip file -> wait until it’s done.

Import data to Journal it! from other apps

Import from Journey
Step 1: Follow this guide to export your Journey’s data to a zip file:

Step 2: open Journal it! -> Settings -> scroll to Data section -> Import from Journey -> pick the zip file from step 1